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Device Certification - LonMark conformance instructions.

Design Guidelines - Technical information for developing open interoperable LonMark products.

Technical Corner - Provides answers to commonly asked technical questions.

LonMark Members who manufacture products used in Open Systems

Device Certification

Truly Open, Interoperable Systems

Compliant products display the distinctive LONMARK logo.  Be cautious of products advertised as “LONMARK Compatible” or “LONMARK Compliant”.  Products that do not contain the LONMARK logo have NOT been independently tested and certified by LONMARK International.  Trust the LONMARK Logo and certification to ensure that all products in a system will interoperate in the most efficient way possible.

Examples of Open Architecture
Example of flat, open network architecture


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The number of applications for LonMark certification is growing rapidly.

To make sure your products are on-track for certification, design conformance into them by following the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines v3.4.

see Device Certification

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Jeff Haberman, Facilities Engineer; The Boeing Company

The Proficiency Testing Program for Qualified Open Systems Installers, Professionals and Integrators provides a worldwide standard of proficiency for individuals that install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LonMark certified products.

see Professional Certification