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It is the long-term goal of LonMark International to enhance and extend its current range of capabilities by working with various organizations and their existing and emerging complementary technologies.

– Ron Bernstein,
Chief Ambassador for
LonMark International

LonMark Strategic Partnerships

LonMark International is embarking on a new phase of its growth.  Through the creation of the LonMark Strategic Partnership program, members of LonMark International—who are also members of other organizations with complementary technologies, goals, initiatives, or direction—will now have educational, marketing, public relational, and technical paths to tie the efforts of LonMark and the strategic partners into full-coverage solutions for their clients and customers around the globe. Members will have the full support of LonMark International and the organizations that are part of our new LonMark Strategic Partnerships initiative.

Partnerships include the following key areas:

  • Complementary technologies and solutions that follow the premise of open interoperability;
  • Initiatives and applications of open, interoperable solutions using LonMark products;
  • Education, Promotion, and Incentives for designing and implementing energy-efficient, intelligent control solutions based on open, LonMark standards.

LonMark International is interested in discussing partnership opportunities with any organization that aligns to the above objectives.  Inquiries should be addressed to


EnOcean Alliance
The LonMark Strategic Partnership with the EnOcean Alliance on September 10, 2008, marked the first partnership between LonMark International and a complementary-technology organization.  More…

Covenant of Mayors
The latest LonMark Strategic Partnership with the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) for Climate & Energy will promote interoperable smart city solutions.  More…

Professional Lighting Design Convention
LonMark International support the Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2017 as a Partner Association.  More…


LonMark Strategic Partnerships are agreements between LonMark International and other not-for-profit organizations, government organizations, nationally and internationally recognized nongovernmental organizations, and/or consortiums for the educational, marketing, and technical benefits of LonMark International members.  LonMark Strategic Partnerships do not involve a financial stake of ownership by LonMark International in the partner organizations nor a financial ownership stake in LonMark International by the Strategic Partners.  LonMark Strategic Partnerships are nonexclusive and do not imply any non-compete clause. 
These agreements are entered into with the approval of the then-current Board of Directors of LonMark International. 
For more information about LonMark Strategic Partnerships, please contact

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