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  LonMark Energy

“Understanding the energy you convert is one of the first steps in understanding the global impact you make.”

Energy Solutions

LonMark International is dedicated to helping companies around the world with their commitments of reducing their carbon footprints and increasing their corporate stewardships of the environment we all share.  LonMark International is approaching energy conservation through our technical Task Groups—comprised of technical experts from many leading companies around the globe—by creating the standards that define energy use from the stand-point of the supplier all the way down to the individual appliances using that energy.

LonMark international is engaged with many governmental and non-governmental groups (Members-Only Area) to create smart grids around the world; both for reliability and for integrating alternative energies and micro-generation systems.  We believe that a smart grid not only provides supplier-side benefits (peak-demand shedding, two-way monitoring of demand, transmission-and-distribution information sharing) but also consumer-side benefits through the transparent-availability of one’s own energy-use information: being able to monitor and modify one’s energy use through understanding what devices use the most energy and when.  Taken collectively and in aggregate, a consumer can compare their use to the use of others in their geographic area and even around the world.

Open Systems for Optimal Integration of Renewable Energy

Sven Ruin

Consultant for TEROC and LonMark Ambassador

Abstract — An alternative to the wide variety of proprietary communication protocols, which are often found in equipment for small-scale electricity generation, is the “best practice” to use a communication based on open standards.  This presentation explains the benefits of using open systems based on ISO 14908 for optimal integration of renewable energy.  Examples are presented of applications with some of the leading brands of inverters and control devices.  Included is a discussion of the value of developing interoperable device level profiles to help facilitate better control and monitoring.  An example is also given how this is further evolving to the Industrial Internet of Things.
(4 pages)

Open Systems for Optimal Integration of Renewable Energy


LONWORKS networking standards (the ISO/IEC 14908-series) are already at the threshold of tens-of-millions of homes and business around the globe inside intelligent utility meters and at street-lighting poles. Those standards are widely deployed within buildings for the control, monitoring, and management of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, elevators/lifts, asset tracking, and video-surveillance control.  The standards are proven and truly open networking technologies, with tens-of-millions of devices spread about the planet.

For more information about how LONWORKS networking technologies are providing energy information to suppliers and consumers — and for information about how you can become involved — contact one of our member companies or the staff of a LonMark Affiliate organization in your geographic area.


LonMark International:  Empowering Intelligent Energy Solutions.

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