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LonMark Automated Food-Service Initiative

LonMark International is working with McDonald’s Corporation to create and manage interoperability standards for networked kitchen equipment and building automation systems.  The LonMark interoperability standards will help to ensure that the kitchen and building equipment can communicate with each other in a common restaurant network.

“LonMark International has long history of supporting multi-vendor interoperability standards,
making it the ideal organization to administer this program for us,”
said Glenn Schackmuth, Director Worldwide Equipment Systems with McDonald’s Corporation.

McDonalds’s has been working with numerous technology, kitchen and building equipment suppliers on its Smart Restaurant initiative for the past several years. The McDonald’s Smart Restaurant equipment communicates and shares information utilizing a common network infrastructure, allowing for the development of applications which will help to improve the operational and energy efficiency in its restaurants worldwide.


Automated Food Service (AFS) Task Group

Suppliers of equipment used in catering, quick-serve restaurants, and kitchen-equipment are encouraged to join the LonMark Automated Food Service (AFS) Task Group.  This group is focused on assisting vendors (equipment manufacturers and suppliers) and end-users (quick-serve restaurants, commissaries, and cafeterias) in automating records-keeping data collection for temperatures and equipment status.  Additionally, the task group handles solutions for automated enhancement of equipment for menus, safety, and energy efficiency.

More information can be found in the Press Release of September 15th, 2010.

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