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  LonMark Smart Cities

Illuminate the possibilities with LON® monitoring and control!

  Streetlighting Contact
Henny Wieland
Secretary, OLLC
+31 6 815 660 33

Looking for just the facts?
Checkout the Outdoor Lighting Systems Fact Sheet. (opens a PDF document)


“Will Street Lights Become the Nodes of the Networked City?”
 (opens into a new window)

The solution is proven, open and capable of supporting many applications, which gives us the ability to deploy streetlight controllers from multiple manufactures as well as different light technologies over time.

– Tom Kristoffersen,
Head of Section Maintenance and Operation;
Agency for Urban Environment,
Oslo Kommune

More Member Testimonials


Membership to LonMark International is open to any company, organization or individual committed to the development, manufacture, and use of interoperable open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ISO/IEC 14908-1 and related standards.

Visit the Membership section for information on how to join LonMark International.

LonMark International Smart City

Smart Cities are a prime focus for LonMark International. Our strong support for the outdoor lighting market has enabled many new applications that are utilizing the existing control networking infrastructure of the smart city streetlighting backbone. Municipalities worldwide are discovering the benefits of intelligent city infrastructure networks to reduce their network costs while improving light efficiency and safety. The rising price of electricity is responsible for the majority of the increase in streetlight operation budgets. It’s now becoming strategic and compelling for cities to implement solutions to measure, analyze, and reduce electricity use in order to reduce energy spending, decrease maintenance costs, challenge their electricity providers, and contribute to the reduction of CO₂emissions. This infrastructure is now enabling a wide variety of valuable applications such as environmental sensors, smart parking systems to reduce urban congestion, emergency service coordination, advanced security services, and many more.

The LonMark Smart City Council (SCC) has been formed to address the needs of smart city planners, managers, and solution providers. The key objectives of the Smart City Council are defined in the committee charter and we invite all to engage in this effort. Download the Charter Here.

Benefits of using a networked street lighting system:

  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 40%;
  • Lower maintenance costs by up to 50%;
  • Remote monitoring and control;
  • Diagnostic reporting to identify irregular lamp behavior, individual lamp failure, and lamp temperature;
  • On/off control of individual lamps or segments;
  • Ability to remotely adjust light levels based on time, traffic, weather, season;
  • Integration with police and emergency services for lamp flashing;
  • Increase driver, pedestrian, and resident safety;
  • Serve as an infrastructure for new services such as traffic sensing.

Streetlights from different LonMark members all connected in a single network.

LonMark International is a significant promoter of networked street lights using the ISO/IEC 14908 series of standards for networked control.  Companies offering products based on this international standard are encouraged to adopt Interoperability Guidelines from LonMark International to ensure their products are interoperable with those offered by other companies.  For municipalities, specifying products certified by LonMark International provides a selection of products and solutions offered by a variety of suppliers, reducing the cost of installing and supporting systems over their lifetime.

Street Light Specifications

LonMark International encourages municipalities to utilize specifications requiring open, interoperable solutions. Please feel free to utilize the following specifications for your projects.

Tech Specs


Articles, Documents, and White Papers

Get an in-depth understanding of the requirements, benefits and solutions available for networked streetlighting.

Title Author
LonMark Smart City Council Charter LonMark International
LonMark Smart City Information Document LonMark International
Smart Cities Require Smart Streetlights Christophe Orceau, chairman OLLC
Open Streetlight Control System for Smarter Cities Christophe Orceau, chairman OLLC
Citylone Combines Indoor and Outdoor Management to be More Energy Efficient Catherine Rambaud, Citylone
Induction and LED Lighting systems for streetlights Michael Ng, Amko
Public Private Partnership - Who's funding it ? Michael Ng, Amko

Smart Streetlights – Why Choose “Open”

Inteligentne Oświetlenie Uliczne – Dlaczego wybrać “Otwartość”? Polish

Smart Streetlights - Why Choose "Open"? - German

Christophe Orceau, chairman OLLC
Global Market Trends in Smart Outdoor Lighting Systems Ron Bernstein, LMI
It's all about connectivity Jussi Numminen, Wirepas




Get the latest information on networked street light solutions by downloading recent industry presentations and the smart streetlighting video:.

Streetlighting Video


Streetlighting Presentation - SLMC


Case Studies

The benefits of the new generation of electronic, dimmable, and communicating ballasts have been proven by the success of projects in Europe, North America and Asia.  Monitored streetlight systems are the next wave in the outdoor lighting market.

Streetlighting Case Studies Location
Citylone Vaucresson, France Vaucresson, France
The Modernization of Street Lighting in the City of Legnica with LonMark Technology Legnica, Poland
Government of Western Australia, Public Transport Authority Western Australia
Les Mureaux, France Les Mureaux, France
The modernization of street lighting does not have to be an inconvenience for a city Opole, Poland
Apanet-Sośnica Junction Case Study Sośnica Junction, Poland
Dubai Water Canal Lights Up with InteliLIGHT® Smart Street Lighting Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Smart LED Streetlight Retrofit Project in City of Bydgoszcz Improves Safety and Energy Savings Bydgoszcz, Poland
How Saint Priest City Decreased Energy Consumption by Up to 65% with Citylone Saint Priest City, Lyon, France
Poland’s Maciejow Motorway More Safe and Energy Efficient with LonMark-Certifed Smart Lighting System from Apanet Maciejow, Poland
Modernization of Street Lighting Systems in Tychy Tychy, Poland
Poland’s Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone Shines with LonMark-Certified Smart Lighting System from APANET Tarnobrzeg, Poland
China’s Foshan City Achieves 70% Energy Savings Through Automated Streetlights Foshan City, China
SPIE, Paris France Paris, France
Brignais, France France
Zhuhai Doumen District, China China
Brasov, Romania Romania
Jędrzejów, Poland Jędrzejów, Poland
Bellecour Place, City of Lyon Lyon, France
Place Bellecour, Ville de Lyon [FR] Lyon, France
Guancheng District, China China
Street Lights Deliver Significant Energy Savings Viana Do Castelo, Portugal
Synergy of Intelligent Streetlighting and Energy Conservation Gothenburg, Sweden
UK Streetlighting Systems Saves Energy and Promotes Safety Milton Keynes, England, UK
The Dutch A16 Highway The Netherlands
Streets ahead! City of Oslo to Cut Streetlight Energy Costs by 50% While Increasing Roadway Safety Using LONWORKS Technology Oslo, Norway


See Case Studies for other industries also.


Strategic Partnerships


Members Smart City Council

Join the growing number of companies embracing the LonMark interoperability standard for networked street lighting solutions.

Avnet EMG GmbH, Avnet Silica
Avnet EMG GmbH, Avne…
Echelon Corporation, A Division of Adesto
Echelon Corporation,…
Flashnet S.A.
Flashnet S.A.…
Gesytec GmbH
Gesytec GmbH…
LVX Global
LVX Global…
Megachips Corporation
Megachips Corporatio…
Occitaline SAS
Occitaline SAS…
Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Corporatio…
Vossloh-Schwabe Lighting Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Vossloh-Schwabe Ligh…
who Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
who Ingenieurgesells…
Wirepas OY
Wirepas OY…



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