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NICO Technology (Taiwan) Ltd.
No. 93 Xinhu 1st Rd.
Neihu Dist.
Taipei City  114
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +8862 2783 8559
Fax: +886 2 2783 9731

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NICO Technology (Taiwan) Ltd. provides a total solution dedicated to the development, support and promotion of building and home automation systems. Our expertise in integrating the necessary hardware and software combined with human customization differentiates us. In the past, people purchased appliances from different manufacturers and had to worry about the qualities and compantibility of the products. This time consuming method was always more costly. By providing a full automation package, NICO customers receive a cost effective, state of the art, efficient solution while obtaining top servce. In addition to our standard product line, NICO Technology provides pre-configured assemblies. We provide everything from individual components all the way up to custom equipment racks and enclosures. Using the customer's particular application needs, NICO Technology assembles the necessary power supplies, interface units, controllers, and cables to create a complete and tested custom end product. In addition to technical functionality, NICO Technology applies custom colors, unique materials, and special-designed panels per the client's needs. Our service guarantees quality and compatibility.

NICO was featured as the "LonMark Member Focus of the Month" for July 2013.

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Thomas Choo
Tel: +886 2 2783 8559
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NICO Technology (Taiwan) Ltd.
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