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c/Ciudad de Frias, 21, N3
Madrid  28021
Tel: +34 91 6437075
Fax: +34 91 6442484


ISDE is a Spanish leading company founded in 1994 focused on developing and manufacturing solutions, systems and electronic devices for home and building automation as well as Streetlighting markets using LonWorks® technology. The solutions offered by ISDE are used worldwide with more than 6.000 achieved automation projects in conjunction with their distributors, partners and integratorsnetwork in Europe and America.

ISDE offers an extended range of products for home (SICOV® and DOMOLON®) and building automation markets as well as for hotels (HOTELON®), clinics, public and private office buildings... offering solutions for access control, lighting, HVAC, energy management systems as well as for the streetlighting market.

ISDE has been been awarded  several times with the LonMark Award "Multi-vendor project of the year" for the best medium-to-large single installation.

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César Martínez Fernández
Tel: +34 91 6437075
E-mail: cesarmf(a)


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