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Citylone is a French company, dedicated to intelligent street lighting control. Its smart controllers can control either magnetic or electronic ballasts in ON/OFF or dimming, are compatible with all types of lamps and can be used for new or existing installations. They communicate via the power line technology on the LonWorks® network, using the existing electrical network. Citylone products can be managed by the Streetlight.Vision solution, or in driven or autonomous mode.

Citylone has developed different controllers (SL42 for magnetic ballasts, SL31 to be installed in junction boxes and SL21 the smallest LonWorks® outdoor lighting controller to be placed in junction boxes or directly into the luminary) and different solutions (autonomous, driven or remote managed) to find a solution to any of your needs. Citylone proposes also detection solution and LED drivers integrating intelligence for management.

With more than 65.000 controllers installed in Europe, Citylone is an expert in its field and can also answer specific requests, creating with the customer, products adapted to its needs and totally integrated to customers' range of products.

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