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APANET Green System Sp. z.o.o.
al. Piastow 27
Wroclaw  52-424
Tel: +48 717832930
Fax: +48 717832931

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APANET Green System, using over a decade of experience in microprocessor automation and control systems industry, helps to implement Smart Grid and Smart City concepts. The company focuses on smart systems for power consumption reduction and eletricity usage rationalization. A Smart Street Control Lighting System, GreenLight allows full control in outdoor lighting systems of an entire city down to a single street lamp - on/off powering, dimming, as well as calculating electricity consumption of a single lamp. System GreenLight reduces lighting parameters whenever possible. For example, if traffic is low, e.g. late at night and when the weather conditions are good, there is no need for a lighting system to operate at full power. The system is able to reduce lighting parameters or completely switch off some of the lamps. Such systems allow a significant reduction in electricity consumption and therefore contribute to substantial savings. A very important factor in using such systems is that they can be easily implemented within existing lighting installations. The system allows calculating energy consumption for several customers, e.g., a few operators responsible for lighting an area powered by the same installation, offering access to the control system independently for each of the customers.


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