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Open Smart Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting is one of a city’s most strategic asset providing safe roads, inviting public areas and enhanced security in our homes, businesses and city centers. However, they’re costly to operate and they use in average 40% of a city’s electricity spending. In this webinar session, you learn how LonMark-enabled open smart outdoor lighting solutions can not only reduce energy and maintenance costs, but also provide a backbone of many other smart city applications. Industry experts share their perspectives on this dynamic new approach to outdoor lighting through an interactive panel discussion.

Date: Tuesday, 25 November 2014 AND Monday, 8 December 2014

Time: approx. 1 hour

Moderator: Christophe Orceau; General Manager, Streetlight Vision

- Piotr Leszczynski; Chief Technical Officer, APANET
- Catherine Rambaud; Marketing Manager, Citylone
- Vijay Dhingra; Director of Product Management, Lighting Solutions, Echelon
- George Zahari; Sales Manager, Flashnet
- Ernst Eder; Certification Director, LonMark International
- Eva Wang; International Sales Manager, Rongwen
- Jörg Schneck; GM, Light Management, Sales & Marketing, Vossloh Schwabe

Crossing the Chasm: Combining BACnet Controllers and LONMARK Devices in a Heterogeneous System

This session provides insight into how BAS/BMS systems are specified and deployed using BACnet IP at the BMS tier and LONMARK certified BAS field devices. Specifiers often require BACnet at the top level in two-tier network architectures. However, integrators are using LONMARK certified devices, which deliver definitive a more compelling interoperable framework. Together, system designers are recognizing the full life-cycle benefits of open system solutions using a combination of these two ISO standard protocols. This webinar will discuss basic system architecture design, specification compliance, and approaches to greater interoperability, reliability and flexibility.

Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time: approx. 1 hour

Presenter: Mike Gibson, Technical Director, LonMark International

Optimize Renewable Integration through MicroGrids

Renewable energy can be much more than just another source in the energy mix. Since renewable sources of electricity generation can usually be built near the point of consumption and don't rely on fuel transported a long way, they provide new opportunities to make a society less vulnerable. Systems can be built that combine on-site renewable energy with uninterruptible power supply, thus working as independent MicroGrids during power cuts. In areas without grid connection, similar technology can be used to lower the traditional dependence on diesel fuel there. This webinar will explain how using open control systems based on the ISO 14908 protocol can communicate via existing power lines on the site, can bring several advantages to these applications and help optimize them.

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Time: approx. 1 hour

Presenter: Sven Ruin, Consultant for TEROC and LonMark Ambassador

Open Streetlight Control Systems

Presented by Christophe Orceau, General Manager, Streetlight Vision on 01 October, 2013. Streetlights provide safe roads, inviting public areas and enhanced security in our homes, businesses and city centers. However the number of streetlights in a city and their wide geographic distribution make it expensive and difficult to maintain on regular basis. Today there are several proprietary solutions for cities to implement, but more than 20 manufacturers have adopted an open system to control both individual light points and entire streetlight cabinets. This webinar will provide details on how this system and the new Smart Lighting Controller (SLC) based on the ISO14908 protocol offers significant energy and maintenance savings to cities in 15 countries.

Date: Tuesday, 01 October 2013

Time: approx. 1 hour

Presenter: Christophe Orceau; General Manager, Streetlight Vision

The EASI Platform

This webinar, held 2013-04-09, presents a model referred to as the Enterprise Application Standard Interface (EASI), where apps are able to consume data from a variety of sub-systems and sub-protocols, in a more-interoperable way; without without the need for knowing or caring about the data origin.  This model is bringing-together key organizations in the Building Automation Systems (BAS) space in a collaborative effort to solve one of the last fundamental interoperability issues left in smart buildings.

Date: Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Time: approx. 1 hour

Presenter: Ron Bernstein; Chief Ambassador, LonMark International

The Power of Profiles

This webinar provides an overview of device-function profiling and discuss the importance of this concept in creating interoperable systems. The session elaborates on the concept of tightly defined information sharing in a contextual framework that allows integrators to have full control over the customization of a system for their clients – using off-the-shelf devices from a variety of vendors. For the client—the end user—benefits of interoperability are combined with the standardization of profiled functions for thermostats, air handlers, lights, elevators, smoke alarms, and more. Participants are shown how strong data typing and profiling produce the building blocks for open controls systems.

Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time: approx. 1 hour

Presenter: Jeremy J. Roberts; Former Technical Director, LonMark International





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