Additional Guidelines

Guidelines for adoption of new LonMark communication channels

Any company/group desiring a new LonMark communication channel should submit the proposed channel specifications to the R7 WG13 (formerly: R7.1) working group of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)(opens into a new window), an ANSI standards-developing organization, for inclusion as an approved ANSI/CEA-709 channel standard.  For more information on CEA standards procedures, please contact the present Chairperson of the CEA R7 WG13 (formerly: the R7.1 subcommittee)(opens into a new window).

For links to the official standards, please visit the Technical Resources :: Standards area.

In parallel with the CEA submission and review process, the submitting company/group should notify all LonMark members via a proposal in the LonMark Member Forum(opens into a new window) (for 30-Day Review) that a new LonMark communication channel has been proposed to CEA and is available for review and comment according to standard CEA procedures.  Members are encouraged to review the draft channel documentation via the CEA committee.  Draft documentation will not be circulated or available for review outside of the CEA committee (per their rules).  All comments on the proposed communication channel will be handled via standard CEA procedures.

The LonMark Board of Directors will not give final approval for a new communication channel until the proposed communication channel has been balloted by CEA.  Once a new communication channel has been approved and published as a CEA standard, then the LonMark Board of Directors will vote on the the adoption of a new LonMark communication channel that complies with the published CEA standard.

All LonMark reference to the channel will be to the documentation numbering/naming given by the chosen accredited standardization committee/organization (ANSI and/or CEA, for example).

All future changes/additions to CEA channel specifications will stand as changes/additions to the LonMark approved channel.

LonMark International may provide additional explanatory documentation within the LonMark Layer 1-6 Interoperability Guidelines(opens into a new window) to clarify the use of a CEA communication channel in conjunction with other LonMark guidelines.

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