Guidelines & Specifications

One of LonMark’s fundamental puposes is in providing direction to members and the general public—whether that’s for device creation or network integration, standardization or creating a plan for an integration specification.

To facilitate providing that direction, LonMark offers the following:

Functional Profiles   Templates defining the network inputs and outputs of a specifc function, as well as the configuration properties like rates, limits, and defaults. They are core elements of a LonMark device.
Developer Guides   These include the well-known LonMark Interoperability Guidelines as well as other guides for device creation that you may not get with a development tool package.
System Definition   The System Definition helps to define a LonMark system for a variety of industries by taking each subsystem and defining the interaction with other subsystems.
Master System Specifications   These System Definition specifications define the core or template for creating industry-specific System Definition specifications.
United States Army Corps Specifications   The US Army Corps of Engineers specifies LonWorks as a control-networking technology for government buildings. The specifications can serve those fulfilling the requirements or serve as an example of an Integration Spec.
Additional Specifications   Where we've missed anything, we hope to have it covered here.

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