Master System Specifications

LonMark Americas is working hard to provide the resources necessary to successfully implement LonWorks® Open Systems.  Over the past years, a team of committed volunteers has spent countless hours working to evaluate and create the tools needed to make the process of specifying, enforcing, and implementing an open system easier.

To that end, below are some of the first in a series of resources available to you.  There is a full, LonWorks technology, open guide specification, designed to be the foundation of a fully integrated open system (the first document, below).  We suggest using that as a guide specification and modifying where necessary for a specific project.  The documents are available in their original Word® format such that they can be edited or extraced into other documents.  We request that if you are to distribute any of these documents that you do so in their entirety.

You will notice that there are no products, manufacturers, or recommended suppliers listed. In the true nature of the mission of LonMark, we believe there is opportunity for all to work together to create solutions for the common good without limitations. LonMark offers the world choices: choices in vendors, in products, in integrators, and in service after the sale. A good open specification will take advantage of this. LonMark International recommends specifying certified products based on version 3.2 or higher of the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines. Products are currently being certified to version 3.4. There are very minor differences between versions 3.2 and 3.4.

LonMark Facility Automation System Master Specification - Division 15 (15950)
- LonMarkOpenSpecification.doc(opens into a new window), 2008-09-01 (4.70MB)

Open Control System Specification - Protocol Neutral
- OpenControlSystemSpecification.doc(opens into a new window), 2010-09-08 (136kB)

Two-Tier Specification Requirements - Checklist
- TwoTierSpecificationRequirements.doc(opens into a new window), 2010-12-03 (135kB)

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