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For over a decade the LonMark organization played a vital role in the development and adoption of open systems. The LonMark Interoperability Guidelines and LonMark Profiles are widely recognized worldwide as an innovative, practical solution to open systems. The Interoperability Guidelines provide a solid foundation for testing and certifying compliant products. Thus far, over 680 devices have been successfully tested and certified by the LonMark organization. Hardly a day goes by without a LonMark certified device being specified or installed in a home, building, industrial plant or transportation system.

Over the past year end-users worldwide have been telling us that open devices are fine, but they need more. They are happy with the growing selection of certified products, but they also want to be able to specify, purchase and install certified products in all elements of the system. Heeding the needs of industry, we decided to expand the technical direction of LonMark International. This new direction will ensure that all of the essential elements required to design, install, configure, support and upgrade a system are openly available from a variety of suppliers.
The new LonMark system definition divides the system description into five categories: system behaviors, devices, connectivity, device interfaces, and network software and tools. The definition also covers the LonMark technique for communications via the Internet using web services such as SOAP and XML.

LonMark Task Groups are now developing guidelines for certifying elements of the LonMark system. If you are interested in participating in this initiative, we encourage you to join through the web forum. Please remember, only members can participate in Task Groups. If you are not a member and are interested in participating, please download and submit the membership application.

Complementing the system definition initiative is a new project within LonMark International to better prepare systems and network integrators to deliver open systems to industry. This program lead by the Systems Integration Task Group is currently developing certification criteria for systems integrators. This new initiative will help cultivate a new generation of integrators that are better equipped to support the needs of end users worldwide.

LonMark System Definition
-, Version 1.0, 2004-11-05 (27k).

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